There are days where I still catch myself falling into the trap of comparing myself to other Women. Especially when it comes to looks. When I was about 16 these Women/Girls where mostly White or of a lighter skin color. At that age, I wore my beautiful curly hair straight ALL THE TIME (which led to my big chop but that’s another story) and worst of all started saving money for a Nose Job and Breast reduction. My Nose and Bussom had been the two things I truly deeply hated about myself – When I looked around me at School and in Magazines, all the Girls had perky noses a small chests, straight hair, light skin – I felt so ugly inside and out, that I did things to my body to make myself feel better just for a while e.g: getting Brazilian Keratin Treatments so that my hair would stay straight for two months, hiding my chest with bad posture and big clothes, experimenting with all kinds of nose reduction techniques at home and the worst of the worst – I ordered my first (and last) lighting creme. At 16 !!!
I had no one to look up to who had the same skin color as me. My Family lived in Africa and even if I have my Mom and her Sisters there who are the toughest Black Women I knew – they just weren’t in the same Country while I went through Puberty.

Only about three years ago, once I discovered the Soul Sister Community in Berlin is when I started learning that my color, my features, my hair are PRECIOUS.

Comparisons came easy with all the many white friends around me – but once I was frequently surrounded by Talented Black Women, who taught me so much about myself and what beauty means – I had no time and no interest to compare myself to anyone. All I cared about was to begin loving, accepting (it is a word I really have to use) and appreciating my Blackness.

Comparisons can be a valuable source of motivation and growth, BUT it is also one of self-doubts best friends. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN AND MUCH TO LOSE

I am still learning, but I am enjoying every moment of my Growth!

  1. its time consuming
  2. be grateful for the good things you have
  3. become aware of your achievements

photos by: @catchinggold
Hugs & Sunshine to you all




A few weeks ago I left my Studio apartment in Berlin for a room/flatshare in Cologne. Funny because I kept telling my friends “I will NEVER have Flatmates again”
Life has given me plenty surprises these past 6 months. I shall never say never again.
Anyway, my Apartment in Berlin is safely taken care of by a friend of a friend until I get my sh*t together.


Now I am sleeping in a 14SQM room in Cologne.
Before I moved here I was so worried that there won’t be enough space for all my Equipment.
All I took from Berlin was my Cameras, Plants, Clothes and some Documents. I left my Furniture, Utensils, Books, and Wallart behind. The Idea of my move was primarily giving my self some love, some care and start with a completely blank page. No stories or memories from the past – Just me my roommate and an empty room (we have a kitchen and a living room but that’s another story). Sounds a little like I am living in a Psychward right? Well, One could technically see it that way – This is my place of Rehabilitation.

So no bed to sleep on, no wardrobe to put my clothes in, no bookshelf, what now?
Before I continue I must say that I was Pathfinder for 3 years of my life, so I know how to survive with almost nothing – but that is not the point here. I want to tell you how I managed to make a small room the best place to come home to (note: still some things missing but I am currently happy with how my room looks)


I recently got into Interior designing through a friend of mine. In my free time traveling on the Flixbus or Deutsche Bahn I would open Pinterest and PIN like crazy. All the nice pictures of room Interiors and small details – seriously I would spend HOURS on my Phone or Laptop just looking at nice Interior Designs. BIG TIME JUNKIE – Until I started designing my own room. The word designing sounds so professional, I am NOT a professional. Just a Hobbyist
My favorite style is in between Vintage – Scandinavian – Bohemian – DIY look.
I love wood, plants, gold, dry flowers, palettes and oversized wall art.


Currently, my clothes fit in a drawer, a commode and a little DIY hanger for the wall.
I got all this from a Vintage furniture store called TAKU TAKU in Cologne.

My bed is made of a Mattress and four Euro-Palettes. Our workspace is not ready yet so I have my desk in the room (which I absolutely do not advise, way too many distractions to work here) The desk is of a medium size plank and one sawhorse leg from Ikea. Small but do-able (that’s what she said)

And then there are little things like shelves or pencil holders, vases and trinket boxes that I got from diverse shops and boutiques like TK MAXX, Flohmarkthalle Koeln, Urban Outfitters, Amazon and some things I just found outside.

I love decorating and am not done yet, there is still the kitchen and living room to finish.

Can you recommend some Interior Bloggers or IG accounts that are a must follow?

Love & Sunshine




1.can you introduce yourself ? 

My name is Karina Griffith, I am the curator of Republik Repair

2. Tell us about Republik Repair

It is a Black perspectives’ festival on the topic of reparationsand the full title is Ten Points, Ten Demands, One Festival – Republik Repair: Reparatory Imaginings from Black Berlin Republik Repair is for continuing work that has already been done here in Berlin, in Germany, in Europe and beyond. Its about thinking about repair. Especially this idea of Reparatory imaginings. It is hard to translate, but for me it is about creating a space to imagine what reparations and what a repaired state, a repaired body feels looks and smells like. It is a space that creates new realities