Funny how my Blog is based on berlin and I have not posted a single thing about me and the city. Its not that I am neglecting my my started work, I just have to catch my breath and take in that I acctually moved here.

I feel like I am dieng of excitment
This weekend i came to Berlin with two suitcases and a handbag. Worst idea ever (the luggage part). My arms felt like they have been ripped of put back together and ripped once more. But after a long way from the HBF to where my short term flat I finally arrived.
There is still so much for me to do before I completly seattle. Its all abit scary, beeing all alone in this, but bit by bit the fear is turning into love.
Luckily finding an apartment went faster then thought. When I got a call from the new soul i will be sharing the next months with, I was wondering if her answer is yes or no. When she said I can move in, my heart skipped a beat, happiness filled my whole body. It might sound over exagurated but really after searching for nearly 3 Months, i have found a home in this gigantic City. Let the Adventures beginn !

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