I am in Agadir, strangely it feels like home, the heat, the drought, the lack of customer service at the airport, its just the people that look different. I feel free for a second, happy.
we’re on our way to Essaouira, I fall in love with the roads of Morocco. it so much like home. I cannot say it enough
the driver takes us to the centre of the town. I found a cute hostel on trip advisor, now the mission – to locate it. we enter the medina and its madness, but an acceptable amount of hustle to deal with for the next days. We cannot find our hostel, google maps is unreliable here with german 3G. a young man asks us if we need any help, we tell him we are lost and he guides us to the right place. after thanking him , he does not leave and I wonder why. he wants money for guiding us. fair enough, the hostel will give it to him
its beautiful, I see colourful stairs on my left, and white rusty walls around me, I see an open room with low tables and cushions to sit on. the middle of the building is open – one can look up into the sky from the reception. they call this type of building Riad. I am in love
I get a bed in a dorm on the second floor. I want to keep my budget low. its 5€ a night. you get what you pay for. blanket is thin, pillow is extra hard – I wont complain.I explore the bits of the hostel. they have a lovely roofterasse, with bohemian interior. I look around and can see the roofs of Essaouira. I am here, I feel free, my heart is aching but I feel free.after getting comfortable we head out and explore the medina. its incredible how much colour flows in these streets. we visit the bay and the fish market, you can buy fish and get it freshly grilled by the street chefs. I get a fresh pressed orange juice for just 50cents. This could be my every day life. in the evening we get our first Moroccan dish : Chicken Tangine, the restaurant owners call up a group of young boys to play Gnaoua music for the guests. I think to myself : what a blissful life this is. I can feel the music, I can feel it vibrate in my soul.Its such a romantic night and as much as I adore the person I am here with, I deeply wish the boy who has my heart was here instead.its been two lovely days in this sun filled city, I would like to stay here but there is still so much to see. we catch a local bus to Marrakech, 7€ and 5 hours later I see a herd of people and already am dissatisfied. I wont stay here for too long. Although I vowed to keep away from the tourist attractions; there are two things I would like to see. I visit the photography museum and admire the architecture more than the photographs. its build like a Riad, and looks very dreamy with all the plants and white walls.
we head further to see the ‘Jardin Marjorelle’ – garden of well known designer mr. Saint Laurant it is extra chic and colourful. a little too much for my taste though. in the night we spend some time at Jamaal El Finna, the centre of Marrakech Medina. It is so crowded, all kinds of people are here. I try to enjoy the entertainment without getting bummed out by the street dealers. a lady takes my hand and put’s some henna patterns on saying this will bring me luck for me and my husband turning her head to X – We leave marrakech the next dayWe’re in Casablanca – Nice city but still not for me. Christmas is close – funny because I am in a Muslim country and nobody should be celebrating christmas – but this year is different; my friend explained to me that the birth of Mohammed was on the same day / something with the moon being on the same day – I don’t know, either way everyone is in holiday fever… I cant believe it, here I am living the one thing I escaped from and yet it is everywhere. restaurants, bars, malls, even on the radio. I hate Christmas. I just hate the way this year is ending, I want to go home and cry, I want to be with my Family, I want to be away…. away from what ? am I not already away from Berlin? am I not away from the boy who broke my heart ? am I not away from all the bullshit ? …Unfortunately that is where I stopped writing about my trip. X and I ended up having a Christmas dinner after all, I wounded up in tears that night and found it very freeing. My last destination was Chefchaouen and I was in love.

quote from diary :

‘it’s like I am swimming in the blue ocean and I see all these beautiful things around me… I cant wait to get back to Berlin’



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