• Innovative Breakfast Concept from Neukölln
    I’ve lived in Berlin for almost 4 years now and I still find it hard to find a good place to work and have a nice meal in-betweens. TripAdvisor and Mitvergnuegen are great go to sources but I’ve been disappointed a few times. So I’ve decided to find my own favourite spaces and share.
    We recently discovered this place called ZIP that has an exceptional breakfast concept. Scrambled eggs in a Jar, Potato Pear jam,  Pancakes with caramelized fig basil salad !! Guests are expected to enjoy an exciting range of high-quality seasonal dishes, all served in the glass. The perfect breakfast can be arranged individually according to the gusto, which works just as at lunchtime or in the evening. Changing daily soups as well as salads and snacks complete the menu, which includes mostly vegetarian and vegan, but also meat and fish. In a stylish ambience, the large indoor and outdoor area offers space for cosy coffee drinking as well as a quiet work space atmosphere.


    All dishes are in-house creations and are made from high-quality, regional products. The spectrum ranges from spreads such as macadamia cranberry cream and orange humus to the fillet from the Brandenburg country pig with Pear chutney to Rosemary Granola and chocolate liquorice brownie with salt caramel – naturally in a Jar!



    Restaurant ZIP

    Pannierstr. 57 − 12047 Berlin-Neukölln − Tel.: + 49 30 296 890 60 Open Daily from 10 am – 21 pm , on Weekends 10 am– 24 am


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