A few weeks ago I left my Studio apartment in Berlin for a room/flatshare in Cologne. Funny because I kept telling my friends “I will NEVER have Flatmates again”
Life has given me plenty surprises these past 6 months. I shall never say never again.
Anyway, my Apartment in Berlin is safely taken care of by a friend of a friend until I get my sh*t together.


Now I am sleeping in a 14SQM room in Cologne.
Before I moved here I was so worried that there won’t be enough space for all my Equipment.
All I took from Berlin was my Cameras, Plants, Clothes and some Documents. I left my Furniture, Utensils, Books, and Wallart behind. The Idea of my move was primarily giving my self some love, some care and start with a completely blank page. No stories or memories from the past – Just me my roommate and an empty room (we have a kitchen and a living room but that’s another story). Sounds a little like I am living in a Psychward right? Well, One could technically see it that way – This is my place of Rehabilitation.

So no bed to sleep on, no wardrobe to put my clothes in, no bookshelf, what now?
Before I continue I must say that I was Pathfinder for 3 years of my life, so I know how to survive with almost nothing – but that is not the point here. I want to tell you how I managed to make a small room the best place to come home to (note: still some things missing but I am currently happy with how my room looks)


I recently got into Interior designing through a friend of mine. In my free time traveling on the Flixbus or Deutsche Bahn I would open Pinterest and PIN like crazy. All the nice pictures of room Interiors and small details – seriously I would spend HOURS on my Phone or Laptop just looking at nice Interior Designs. BIG TIME JUNKIE – Until I started designing my own room. The word designing sounds so professional, I am NOT a professional. Just a Hobbyist
My favorite style is in between Vintage – Scandinavian – Bohemian – DIY look.
I love wood, plants, gold, dry flowers, palettes and oversized wall art.


Currently, my clothes fit in a drawer, a commode and a little DIY hanger for the wall.
I got all this from a Vintage furniture store called TAKU TAKU in Cologne.

My bed is made of a Mattress and four Euro-Palettes. Our workspace is not ready yet so I have my desk in the room (which I absolutely do not advise, way too many distractions to work here) The desk is of a medium size plank and one sawhorse leg from Ikea. Small but do-able (that’s what she said)

And then there are little things like shelves or pencil holders, vases and trinket boxes that I got from diverse shops and boutiques like TK MAXX, Flohmarkthalle Koeln, Urban Outfitters, Amazon and some things I just found outside.

I love decorating and am not done yet, there is still the kitchen and living room to finish.

Can you recommend some Interior Bloggers or IG accounts that are a must follow?

Love & Sunshine


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