A few weeks ago I spent the last days of summer in the Apuan Alps in Italy, sunbathing and gathering all the Vitamin D I could get. A few weeks ago I was also heavily broke. ( not like no food for a week broke ) but broke enough to start worrying about next months rent. Does that make sense ? Anyway I decided to go either way. Because honestly there is nothing that can stop me from doing something I am literally craving for, and at that time, I was craving for ANYTHING not German and not Cold.


The day my Father told me “we are moving  back to Africa” was one of the happiest most exciting days I can remember. I could not wait to make new friends who had the same color as me.

As a child, of course, I did not realize how much I needed a sister who looked like me. I had my best friend then and she was lovely, but deep inside I yearned to also have a black friend. I fantasized about us watching movies together, having sleepovers, braiding each other’s hair, growing up together and being friends for life.  All until the day I arrived in Namibia, at the DHPS, and had to introduce myself to my new classmates. I looked around and came to realize I was the only black child in the room. After that day I learned that I was the ‘good’ black kid because my German was fluent and my father was White. There I was, 10 years old and in an African City, going to a School that had three German classrooms and one English – the English being the only one with a majority of Black kids, and I was ‘lucky’ enough to be in the German one. Then and there I lost my Identity; my fantasy had been shoved into a box and put away.


I am in Agadir, strangely it feels like home, the heat, the drought, the lack of customer service at the airport, its just the people that look different. I feel free for a second, happy.
we’re on our way to Essaouira, I fall in love with the roads of Morocco. it so much like home. I cannot say it enough
the driver takes us to the centre of the town. I found a cute hostel on trip advisor, now the mission – to locate it. we enter the medina and its madness, but an acceptable amount of hustle to deal with for the next days. We cannot find our hostel, google maps is unreliable here with german 3G. a young man asks us if we need any help, we tell him we are lost and he guides us to the right place. after thanking him , he does not leave and I wonder why. he wants money for guiding us. fair enough, the hostel will give it to him


On a cold friday night, at the end of 2014 my roomate and I decided to head out of our cozy apartment and explore the streets of Neukölln. We ended up at a Vernissage/Concert in a Vintage shop called Rag and Bone Mag.

There I came across the most inspiring Afrocentric and Afrobohemian folk. I met an Afircan Fashion designer whom I asked for a collabration. After quite a few cancelled meetings due to my lack of time, we finally got to shoot her collection. Here is a snippet of the shoot


Designer : Carolina Dos Santos ( CUZA DESIGN )
Model : Ye Feng
Photographer : Rita PB